Social Studies Scope & Sequence (K-8) 2008-2009

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The End in Mind: Every Child Can Learn

Welcome!  Technology empowers us to reach all students through multiple learning modalities so  that their learning is truly student-centered.  On this blog,

We share:

  • Educational technology tools that have actually been used in New York City public schools with students of all ages and abilities
  • Best-practices that we’ve developed with our inner city kids
  •  Ideas on adapting new technology to the classroom that is always focused on Content-Content-Content, meets Common Core Standards and is directly tied to the Scope & Sequence
  • Presentations and materials we’ve used at national educational conferences
  • Workshop materials we’ve developed, analyzed and modified so that every teacher enhances his/her teaching practice.
  • and much more.

We answer questions:

  • “Now you have an interactive whiteboard…How do you teach with it?”
  • “An iPad…not another gadget …. now what?!”
  • “One app + two app = student engagement = student learning”  But How?
  • “How are other teachers using technology to reach their students?
  • How are students using technology to demonstrate their learning?”

Welcome to the journey.