QR Codes

How-To Create an Infographics Poster using QR Codes

  • Open a new “Word” document
  • Locate an Infographic image on the Internet and check for copyright. Keep page open.
  • Copy and paste the image to the “Word” page and resize
  • Return to the Internet page that was the source of the image and copy the URL
  • Go to QR Stuff – http://www.qrstuff.com – and paste the URL code into the code box labeled “2”.
  • Choose the color of the QR code
  • Click download QR Code and take a screenshot of the actual code
  • Paste the QR code of the Infographic image onto the”Word” page. Make sure to do this twice.
  • Create a Google form survey with questions on the Infographic.
  • Copy the Google form URL and go to QR Stuff website – http://www.qrstuff.com and repeat above.
  • Take a screenshot of the second QR code and paste onto the “Word” page.
  • Save the “Word” document.
  • Go to Print and convert the page into a pdf.
  • Print from the pdf.