A Google Map Treasure Hunt – The Revolutionary War

American Soldier 1776

Go to the following Google Map on the Midnight Ride. Answer these questions:

  1. What was the cost of the French & Indian War to the British?
  2. Why was Boston Harbor important to the British?
  3. Why was the Charles River especially important to the British?
  4. What do you notice about the town of Boston in 1775 from the key destination map?
  5. Who was General Thomas Gage?
  6. Why was the old North Church important to the Revolution?
  7. What were the names of the three riders?
  8. Which rider finished?
  9. Listen to at least two songs from 1775.  What do the lyrics of these songs tell you about the times?

Click on the comment link below and answer as many questions as you can.


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