Exemplar Title IID Teachers’ Blogs

I have had the pleasure of working with many amazing educators under the Title IID Enhancing Education Through Technology Grant programs. Here are just a samples of some of the blogs of these teachers.

Mr. Andersen’s Blog – 5th Grade – PS 14
Ms. LaPerla’s Blog – 4/5 Grade – PS 14
Ms. Kaplan’s Blog – 4th Grade – PS 19

Ms. Brooks – 8th Grade – IS 5

Mr. Coveney’s Blog – 6th Grade – IS 73
Ms. Alvarez’s Blog – 7/8 Grade – IS 73
Ms. Duque’s Blog – 8th Grade – IS 73

Mr. Hayden’s Blog – 8th Grade – IS 77
Ms. Facto and Ms. Maher’s Blog – 6th Grade – IS 77

Ms. Davis’s Blog – 4th Grade – PS 30

Ms. Hines’s Blog – 7th Grade – JHS 217

Ms. Menezes’ Blog – 3rd Grade – St. Nicholas of Tolentine School

Ms. Cannistracci’s Blog – World History – William Cullen Bryant High School


One thought on “Exemplar Title IID Teachers’ Blogs

  1. Hana 5a #1: My photo made me upset because when I saw that little girl collecting the cotton, her face looked gloomy and upset, like she didn’t want to do the job. She looked tired of the job. This really upset me because the little girl was tired of doing her job and looked upset which made me upset. She looked like she wanted to do something else but she couldn’t. This photo drew me into it because it was just a little 6year old doing something she didn’t want to do .

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