April 2014 Newsletter

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Understanding SPIN in the Revolutionary War

Click on the Tellagami and listen. Spin Gami

Now click on the comment box and tell us what you think.  What did Paul Revere want the people of Boston to do?  Was he successful?


1770 – The Boston Massacre: Massacre or Riot?

Boston Massacre Blue Border

Understanding this Image’s Power to Persuade
Paul Revere created this image AFTER the Boston Massacre took place. He wanted the people of Boston to be outraged that the British soldiers had killed six unarmed men. Click on this link to read an analysis of why this image is so powerful.

Events Leading Up To the Tragedy
What events led up to this tragedy? Was this really a spontaneous riot of an unruly mob driven to violence? Or was it caused by events that happened well before March 5, 1770? Or could it possibly have been both a riot AND a massacre?  State your opinion and defend your answer.