New York City Technology Summit – 2014

2014 Tech Summit Masthead


I will be presenting two hands-on workshops at the New York City Department of Education’s School Technology Summit on July 30, 2014.  Please add your comments below.


6 thoughts on “New York City Technology Summit – 2014

  1. She was great ! She has great insight into helping children. I can’t wait to use her information in my classroom.

  2. Your presentation was so useful–I will be referring to my notes, for sure, in the coming year(s). Cheers! –Cheryl Wolf

  3. Ethan 5E #4, 3/6/15, Video Analysis- The video was very sad. The children had dangerous working conditions, long hours, and bad wages. The 8 year old boy and his co-workers didn’t even know their ABCs. They wanted to go to school but they had to work. When they went on strike, it was scary. The officers used armed guns to break the strike up and many died during the battling of the officers.

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