52 thoughts on “Reflect on the images you’ve seen today.  How have they affected you?  Write a comment below.

  1. I saw the #9 girl picture and I felt it was so hard at such a age to work already. It makes me feel that it was so sad about how they work at such young ages.

  2. I chose picture #11 (The Littlest Newsie). I thought that it was very sad that the boy had to stand out in the open though bad weather. Also the people in the picture avoided the boy and didn’t even look at the boy.

  3. I chose picture 11 (The Littlest Newsie). I was sad to see the little boy’s sad face. He was depressed because he was standing there all day and he wasn’t selling enough. I think that he was working there because he needed the money for his family. I feel lucky that there is no longer child labor today.

  4. “Spinner Boys” in Macon, Georgia This picture made me feel like I was one of the boys working long hours in a factory without shoes. This picture made me feel like children shouldn’t be working for long hours in a factory.

  5. Yes. it looks very creepy. I wonder what happened to those kids to get their skin peeled off like that. Btw, I am responding to the first one.

    • In the past, boys, girls and babies had to work and the bosses were very arrogant. They gave the children small amount of money and wanted them to work very hard for them. This was called child labor. Children and parents had to work for money to get food and pay the rents for their house. Child labor was very harsh in the past days.

  6. Yes, it gave a type of punch because in picture number one seeing a child with a sack and doing the work that a sack which was the work of a parent and a child doing that work was devastating because they should be having fun or studying. They could get either hurt and there would be no one to take of them at all. They could also feel really lonely because they would be working from 5am to 8 pm.

  7. The pictures make me feel lucky as a kid because in the pictures in the glassworks, the kids looked tired and the conditions looked very poor and on the title it said it was midnight. So just imagine being there trying to help your family get food on the table! The real heroes of the 20th century are all the children that risked their lives every day to help their families move forward.

  8. The images affected me when I saw the kids working in a place where they could get hurt greatly or even die. I am glad that I am not working in the place where Manuel was collecting shrimp. It affected me when the boy was barefoot and his apron was stained. I also was affected when I saw the boy’s face. It was sad and depressed. He had a frown on his face and sad eyes. That tells me that the working conditions were not good.

  9. I liked picture #12, the one with the mother and her 9 children. This picture shows how the family had to have all their children work because they were so poor. All of her children were dirty and were dressed in rags. The building they were working in was “dirty and unsafe”. This picture shows me how sad these children were.

  10. It affects me in a way that is horrified. It shocks me to see children that are 12 and under work in these conditions. It also scares me that if the law had not changed, I would have been stuck working in a cotton mill for hours at a time. Why did they want to do this to poor children when they could be getting educated at school? Although I do know that parents of these children worked all day to put even a little food on their plates, and put clothes on their backs, they still needed a little help from their kids. Why?

  11. Leo 5B This photo makes me feel sad because these kids didn’t get to play and they had to work for hours and hours for days and weeks.

  12. Mark 5B
    I think that the picture was sad because the two boys were working on a machine and all of the clothes were all ripped and broken and dirty.

  13. The fight to end child labor Keane 5E
    I felt sorry for the kids who were working because some of the kids didn’t know their ABCs because they spent most of their time working. I also feel sorry for the kids because they worked long hours and got low wages. I also felt sorry for the kids because they had bad working conditions.This is why I am happy that I am able to go to school.

  14. Aaron #11 3/6/15 Video Analysis
    The video made me very sad. All those children who were working for just a little bit of money. They then struck because they couldn’t stand this anymore. These children under 12 work for very long periods of time, under bad condition, and very little paid were very unlucky to having to do this. How do they stand it? Everyone had to work just to put food on the table and a roof above their heads. They made the right decision to strike.

  15. Eric videos: How can children that don’t even know their abcs be able to work from 7am to 7pm? The only real question I have is, where was the government in the 1900s? I thought the first video gave a good brief summary of child labor including the striking. It also scares me that if the laws had not changed, I would have been working till the end of time! The devastating story of how the girl got badly injured was like the icing on top, where was the government? Plus, the government fought against the strikes! I can believe it for security reasons but that would not have happened if they had made child labor laws! I liked how in the second video, they made a grown woman act a part of a factory girl. I imagined I was the girl and how I had the courage to lead the rest of my fellow workers on strike. Also how I changed their lives forever. At least now and hopefully forever children have laws that protect us! LONG LIVE KIDS!!!!!!

  16. Child Labor
    Video Analysis
    Joy 5E 14
    The video shows how kids long time ago had no rights and were not protected. This shows me that people just used children to earn profits and pay them very little. During the Industrial times, people started to create mechines that would speed up the process rather then doing it by hand.

  17. Eric 5E videos: The first video I really liked because it gave a brief summary about child labor including how all the kids strike and how there was no really powerful child labor laws. Also the images really punched me right in the stomach because it was so devastating watching all the children suffer like that. Also in the second video, it was really good because a grown woman was taking the place of a girl that used all the guts she got to lead all of her fellow workers in the strike. It was really fun to imagine me being the girl and how hard it was to lead the group into strike, knowing that we were surely be fired on if we did strike. Some of the questions I have is in what year did the government put the first child labor law?

  18. The video that I watched made me feel really sad and depressed. This was because the kids who were working at such a small age. They were 8 years old and they really wanted to learn the ABC’s but they couldn’t because they didn’t have the time to do the work and learn at the same time. Many people had tried to help the children by doing strikes. But the government had thought of striking as a rebellion. They had used guns and soldiers. So not being able to do anything about child labor is really bad and also our next generation will not be able to study and all our arts will be lost. – Aryan 5E

  19. Ashley Class 5E Child Labor Analysis Video

    When I saw the movie, I felt overwhelmed in thinking what the children had to face in order to support their family. The people who tried to demolish child labor were powerless in order to do so until the unions came along. I was horrified when i saw the pictures of the children and what type of machines they worked on. When the video said many children didn’t even know their ABC’s, I felt crushed. Nowadays, even two years olds could recite them. The video said the children didn’t go to school. When it said that, I was thinking, WoW! How would they get a future? They’re just going to rot away in a factory where they are useless just another pawn on a chess board? Many children worked to support their family because no strong laws were enforced to stop child labor. Individual workers and social people who didn’t believe in child labor fought so that there would be stricter laws on child labor. But the people didn’t have power. Until…….. Labor unions were formed. What the people did was striking but sometimes it went larger than that. The video said it was more like a “rebellion.” Many people got hurt, arrested, or they died. The police and troops from the government came to stop the “rebellion.” “Workers worked very hard to demand legislation that brought about an end to child labor.” That means the people who wanted to defend the lives of young children workers worked hard so that the laws of child labor will come…and they have. Laws were made so that there were age limits, limit in wages, safety, and health concerned in when children were working.

  20. Looking at this pictures were very surprising. I thought that working was great pain but looking at this made me go bonkers. Kids experienced very great pain, getting stuck in metal moving objects and they can even start getting diseases from the coal mines they work at. So going to school made me feel way better than working…..so getting money is really not a big deal, if you’re getting 0.07 cents a week.

  21. Looking at this picture made me go bonkers about watching what’s happening. I mean children who are working their best, getting a few cents a week, and getting hurt often makes me get really surprised. If I was in those old days, I would rather be in school…..

  22. I can reflect about the two videos, that the children who work get low wages, work for long hours, and have to work under dangerous working conditions. If you think that’s harsh, there’s more to come. For instance, the children’s boss can cut their wages, giving them less wages. Plus, they were treated like slaves, because the children couldn’t even go to school, since they had to work all day, like slaves. I remember that from a book about child labor, one kid said that he forgot his age. However, at some point, the kids would strike when things got unfair, or labor units, groups of people who fight against child labor, would strike. During these strikes, many could be wounded, injured, or end up dead. ( The rest of this is from my own knowledge, so don’t get confused that this isn’t from the videos)Thankfully, laws have been passed to limit the age when children can work, limit the total work time a person can work in a day, and an equal payment for all the hours they worked.

  23. Rosamia
    It makes me feel bad for the little boys who were replacing the bobbins. They had to climb the machine. That was dangerous. They could have fallen off. It made me feel lucky to be in school and have clothes. i wish they had the same rights we do now.

  24. Aaron #11 Video Analysis
    The 2 videos are about children who had to work to get money to support their family. The first video is about a lot of children who were tired of being treated in terrible conditions, not much money, and long work hours. They then struck so this would no longer happen anymore. The second video is about a young girl who was also tired of being mistreated so she struck. She then became the leader of all the girls who struck. She explained that she was very proud of herself to be the leader of the whole group. This makes me feel very disappointed. I believe that the children should not be treated like this. Thankfully this changed.

  25. I learned that there was no strongly enforced laws against child labor. Also, most kids that worked as child laborers didn’t even know their abc’s. This affects me because for us children, we learned our abc’s in pre-k. Katalyna 5E

  26. From the video I saw, I was surprised at how the kids looked with their faces covered with dirt. Also, I thought many children do not like going to school. The kids at the factories were willing to go to school. Next, the kids did not even know their A,B,C`s. Lastly, I was surprised at how many people stood up for the workers[mostly children]. There were riots and a lot of fighting. One question I have is how did the people let the children get hurt from the machines? Did the children have insurance or if some of their things like their clothes, shoes or accessories got destroyed did they get paid for the items lost?

  27. PHilemon 5E
    It made me feel sad that kids were being treated that way. I thought that it was very sad because the boys couldn’t learn a word and were treated like slaves.

  28. These images raised my awareness about how hard life was for children back then. I analyzed picture #12. The picture and description was unspeakable. It’s hard to even imagine 8 children, one mother, living in a little house. Many of them are barefoot, and all wearing tattered clothes. Also, weekly (monthly?) everyone only earns $4.50. If I am right, I believe their water source is a little rain catcher on the chair outside?…

  29. This whole project about child labor make me feel happy about where I am and how I live right now. Just because a family was poor, their children all had to go to work. There were harsh conditions for the children especially in the photo we had. In my photo, the young boys are looking sad and lonely, they look so dirty because of the harsh conditions in the glassworks.

  30. This unit of child labor makes me fell lucky because of how poor the children were treated back then. In my photo in the glass works, there were young boys who were all dirty and sad looking. Back then, a child’s day was rough.

  31. Kian. 5E. The video was about why there was child labor and how people reacted to it. People went on strike about child labor and it’s bad working conditions, long hours, and low wages. I think that many kids were unfortunate to not be able to go to school and spend all of their time working. I wonder why there were no laws against child labor. I think that it was unfair to pay children less than adults. I wonder why so many people went on strike when it was so dangerous.

  32. Grace 5A says…..
    I looked at photo #5. In this photograph, you can see a little boy working as a shrimp picker. The boy is no older than 6. This shows me that the bosses in the late 1800s-early 1900s don’t care about the age and are very arrogant and ignorant to young children’s safety.

  33. Picture # 11
    If we were in the late 1800’s or early 1900’s and you were a kid, you would have to work and not go to school. Which one would you wanna do? I’m grateful that I don’t have to work.

  34. Hope 5A – Analysis # 12 – Looking at this made me really sad because they have no shoes to wear because they are poor. They also look very dirty because maybe they have only one clothes to wear.

  35. Paris, 5A

    I wonder how hard it was for those kids to do all that work. I also wonder how much the kids got paid for that work. I’m lucky to not have to do all the work those kids had to do.

  36. Analysis 8 made me feel sad for the boy because he has to work. I think his family doesn’t have a lot of money. That’s why he had to work

  37. Alishia 5-A

    Families were very poor long ago. There wasn’t enough money so the whole family had to work. It was a very dangerous risk. Why would factory owners treat them like that? That is ridiculous and they should not be treated like this. If I was born in this time, I would rather go to school.

  38. Many children had to work. Some children were only the age of 7 and had to work. There were many dangers that parents overlooked.

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