Reflections on Child Labor Quiz

Down with Child Labor


Now that you’ve finished the quiz, write a quick reflection.  How did you find the quiz itself?  Was it easy/difficult? Was it helpful to see the images with the questions?  What questions do you still have about Child Labor that you want to investigate.  Post your comments below.  Remember, first names and class only.


42 thoughts on “Reflections on Child Labor Quiz

  1. The quiz, in my opinion, was not that hard, but not extremely easy. Some questions needed some time, but others I knew immediately. The pictures helped the immediate knowledge of the question’s answer. The pictures gave me information on the questions so I knew the answer. I, personally, would like to learn more about Canneries, because we didn’t learn that much about canneries.

  2. It was little difficult but I still could do it. It is very helpful that it has images. I found myself reading the question/images carefully

    peilei 5-A.

  3. I thought the test was easy. There was nothing I want to explore more because we have covered it all. The pictures were very sad so my taking a test on it was very interesting.

  4. I found it by going to 5th grade under child labor. It was medium. It was a little bit helpful. I wanna learn why child labor stopped and who stopped it.

  5. Hana 5A

    The quiz that I’ve took about child labor was fairly easy. For example, there were pictures of children working in child labor which really helped me answer the question because I could analyze the picture. In addition, I also have questions about child labor. Like, what was life for children when they worked in factories.

  6. Evina 5D
    The test wasn’t hard, but it wasn’t easy either. I used the images to help me answer most of the questions. I wonder if the children made enough money to support their whole family. I also want to learn more about how the children were treated.

  7. I found the quiz pretty easy. It was really helpful to see the images. No I do not have any more questions on child labor. I learned everything. Melina class 5-d.

  8. Vasili 5D

    The test was really easy but I did not get what to do even thought I am confident I passed this test. Overall, it was good.

  9. The quiz was helpful for child labor it was hard but it was a good challenge. Yes, it was helpful to see the images with the questions. I have no questions left about child labor. They have been answered by the quiz I just took!!
    Dimitra 5-D

  10. Krystal 5D

    The quiz was very fun and not that frustrating. It was kind of easy and the pictures helped me a lot. I have one question, why do the kids agree to be instructed and have discipline when they get hurt sometimes?

  11. I think the quiz was rather easy and that I did great. The pictures helped me a lot. I would like to learn about glass work in the future.

  12. The test was not easy and not hard. It was very helpful to see the images. One question I still have is why did the owners of the factories take advantage of the children who worked for them, and did not pay them a lot?

    Alexander 5D

  13. It was easy and hard. It was vary helpful to see the pictures above the question. I do not have any questions about child labor. The test helped me.

  14. Nathalia 5-D

    I think the test was not that hard but not that easy. I had trouble on some questions but some were easy. The images helped me understand the question. Another question I would ask myself about Child Labor is… How did the kids feel on being pushed to work? And, did they take any breaks?

  15. Nina 5D

    I did not find this quiz very easy! it was difficult because almost every question had the same choices which made it harder to decide which one was the right one to choose! One thing that I’m still not sure about child labor is why did the parents of these children allowed them to work at these factories. I know it was law but i don’t know how people would react to that law.

  16. Fiorella 5D

    The test was hard and I thought it was easier to see the picture and the test itself was interesting.

  17. Nichalas 5D.

    The test was fun. It was not hard but not that easy. My question for child labor is why did you have to make kids work so long?

  18. I think the quiz was easy.The pictures were helpful. One more thing I want to know is why did they want to hire children in the first place.

  19. Aaron 5E

    I found that the test was pretty easy. I think that the pictures did help because I remember that the coal mine people had black particles on their faces so I know which was in the coal industry. I want to investigate why that couldn’t be home-schooled when they were home instead of not being able to get to school because it takes a while to get there.

  20. Paige 5E T

    his quiz was easy because I had studied the definitions and the pictures on the wikispace. The pictures were helpful because for some questions you needed the pictures. Also, the questions I had trouble on just reading the question the picture helped me a lot. I enjoyed this quiz because it taught me more facts that I hadn’t learned yet.

  21. The test was easier than I thought. The pictures really helped because most of the questions were based on the picture.

  22. Ethan 5E

    I thought that the test was a little difficult but manageable. It was helpful with the images because I could see the jobs and it would be easier to know what job it was. I have no questions on child labor.

  23. The quiz was easy. The images on the questions did help, but mostly extra. Other things I wanted to investigate about Child Labor are- Other industries that used Child Labor and what the strikes were like. Joanna 5E

  24. Ashley 5E

    I thought the test was fairly easy. There was just one question I didn’t understand but probably because i didn’t study a lot. Seeing the picture helped me because I could see what the words meant because a lot of the definitions for the glassworks had almost the same meaning. I also memorize pictures better than words so thAt made it easier too.

  25. Ricky 5E
    The quiz was good and it was not that hard because it was multiple choice and the pictures helped a lot to know what the selection could be. I would want to learn how to make like a movie on that like with old cloth and making a movie for it.

  26. I think the test was easy.The pictures were really helpful to find out what the kids job was. One question that I still have is how much money does a child get in a week?

    Keane 5E

  27. Steven 5E

    This test was very challenging and this was working smoothly. I enjoyed how you made directions clear on the SMARTboard. I understood what I had to do so I went through your test easily.

  28. Philemon 5E

    The test was easy, and the images were helpful for me to look at the images than the answers. When I was studying it was easy for me to look at the pictures and know what the industry was and what the job was.

  29. Mandy Class 5E-

    Before I started to take the test, I was nervous, but when I looked through the quiz questions, I saw that these were questions I knew. It was about the vocabulary. The questions on the bottom needed you to read the heading on the paper (picture) and understand what it meant. I felt more relief after the test was over.

  30. The test itself was actually pretty easy if you studied. It was very helpful that there were pictures with the questions because it gave you a visual of what your answer should be. Also, I pose the question – “Are there any quotes on what any of those children who worked most of their lives?

  31. Katalyna 5E- The quiz was super easy because we had the pictures to look at. Also it was easy because the questions were all multiple choice and there were no short response questions.

  32. Rosamia 5E
    The test was pressuring but easy. I enjoyed using my knowledge on a test. I feel I did well, but was nervous to submit. I liked how the test was set up. I hope that set-up will be in another unit test. It was enjoyable.

  33. Athena Class 5E
    The Child Labor quiz seemed easy for me because since I have wrote down the vocabulary words I practiced the test on the wikispace and I knew almost everything. The pictures helped me a lot because one question posed that ” The boy in the picture is blowing a tube. What is the job or thing he is doing?” I found it easy to have the picture so I can see the image of the boy working so then I could get an idea of what job it is and what he is doing. I felt we should have gotten more time to double check our work and to leave a comment because the timer could go off after the person just doubled check his work and he/she wouldn’t have enough time to leave a comment on the blog.

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