Complaints against the King of England – Declaration of Independence

Based on today’s discussion, discuss one complaint from the list of complaints from the Declaration of Independence. Do you agree or disagree?


Fifth Grade Homework

Irish Baby BearHello, Fifth Graders!  Please do the following assignment for next week.

  1. Go to this link:  and read Lewis Hine’s biography.  Copy key details about his life into your white binder – When and where was he born?  What jobs did he have in his life?  What did he do for the National Child Labor Association?
  2. Go to this link:   Read, listen and copy 5.4a (The Industrial Revolution) and 5.4b (Child Labor) quizlets.  Ask someone at home to test you on 5.4b (Child Labor).  You should be able to answer questions like these — In what industry did a spinner girl work?  What did a tipple boy do?  What did a carrying-in boy do in a glass factory? Was a lehr boy’s job dangerous?

See you next week!  Be sure to wear green on St. Patrick’s Day (March 17th).

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