1609-1664 – New Amsterdam: Three Worlds Meet

We have been studying New Amsterdam between 1609,  the year that Henry Hudson first sailed up the Noort River,  to 1664,  the year that Britain seized possession of the town and renamed it New York.  Click on the image to view an interactive website with information about each household.

Castello Map


30,000 BC? – 1609: NYS Native Americans – The Science Behind the Bow & Arrow

After reviewing the results of a unit exam on the first unit  of fourth grade Social Studies,  I realized that my students have no idea what materials are used to make a bow and arrow, what its purpose was and how it impacted the lives of Native Americans.  So I created the following PowerPoint presentation, converted it to pdf and then imported it into Youblisher.com.  The resulting widget has turn-able pages!


Native American Weapons - The Bow and ArrowSee Wikispace